C4DT Demos

These are the current demos that the C4DT team is working on. You find code and references to the papers.


Drynx allows to create privacy-preserving queries on encrypted datasets that are stored at different data providers who don't want to share the original data. Different types of statistical queries are possible, like average, standard deviation, linear and logistic regressions - all using homomorphic encryption, which means that the data is never shared in cleartext.
If you are interested, please contact: Valérian Rousset


OmniLedger is a high performance blockchain solution developed by the DEDIS-lab. It supports pre-compiled smart contracts, as well as Ethereum smart contracts. Combined with Calypso, it allows management of access to secure and private data in a fully audited way.
If you are interested, please contact: Linus Gasser


Stainless is a tool for verifying Scala programs developed by the LARA. It can verify that your program is correct for all inputs, it can report inputs for which your program fails when they exist, and it can prove that functions do not loop. As an example application, Stainless can perform verification of Smart Contracts.
If you are interested, please contact: Christian Grigis